Football Trade Directory


Excel Dryers - Preferred Supplier

Our mission is to revolu­ti­onise washrooms throughout the world by providing our customers with a super fast, highly efficient and economical hand drying solution. For years the technology used to create hand dryers remained virtually unchanged, and many hand dryer models on the market today are still based on the first 1948 electrical hand dryer design. We worked with rocket scientists and top engineers to examine every detail of the hand drying process and developed both XLERATOR and XLERATOReco, a revolu­ti­onary and award-winning hand dryer of the future.
XLERATOR® - the fastest hand dryer on the planet.
XLERATOReco® - the most energy efficient handdryer on the planet.
78 Albemarle Gardens,
New Malden,
KT3 5BD,
United Kingdom

LedgeMate - Preferred Supplier

An anti­bac­te­rial shelf with built-in advertising capabi­lities, designed for use in public washrooms, ideal for all sports venues and catering areas. LedgeMate not only keeps customers and staff safe but also provides a valuable revenue stream through advertising.
Rockshaw House,
RH1 3DG,
United Kingdom

Retail & Sports Systems - Preferred Supplier

Fully Integrated Retail Systems for sports orga­nisa­tions of all sizes.
Unit 5 Cabourn House,
Station Street,
Bingham, Nottingham,
NG13 8AQ,
United Kingdom