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Sport Five - Preferred Supplier

We are the global agency here to reset what sports and enter­ta­inment partnerships can mean. To ignite new possi­bili­ties through unrivalled access. And to grow value for all.

We do it by bringing together brands, rights-holders, media platforms, fans and us. Because as a FIVE, we all emerge victorious.

2nd Floor,
40 Water Lane ,
SK9 5AP,
United Kingdom

Troocost - Preferred Supplier

Troocost and troosports are a brand new type of energy consultancy, working on full disclosure and have full market coverage of both gas and electric suppliers. Most energy brokers won’t tell clubs how much sales commission they’re adding to your unit rates, and they won’t tell you how much their service costs. As well as reducing running costs, Troo offer added value to each club we work with. We have departments that also specialise in partnerships and sponsorship to help clubs maximise all potential revenue streams. Troo invest money back into football clubs at all levels in the football pyramid.
1 Azure Court,
Doxford Inter­national Business Park,
SR3 3BE,
United Kingdom