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Bendac Launch New Digital Technology Bundles

Bendac have announced their latest solution to support clubs and venues manage their cash flow and maximise their investment in technology.

They are working with top UK finance brokers and lenders to provide clubs with digital technology bundles that include the ultimate LED Perimeter Advertising System and other digital assets throughout the stadium. The solution can be operated as a Lease or Hire Purchase, with the cost broken down into manageable monthly payments over periods of 36, 48, and 60 months.

Bendac’s LED solutions are designed to provide clubs with the most impactful and reliable digital advertising systems available. Due to the reliability of these products, they are confident in offering buybacks to clubs allowing them to invest safely in the knowledge that their investment will last the full term, and they will have the available capital to expand into new technology upon the completion of the initial agreement. This is a first in the sports industry, with Bendac helping clubs to manage their cash flow for the duration of the LED solutions’ life.

Co-Founder and Managing Director Ben Da Costa explained that Bendac’s main goal is to help clubs and venues harness the power of digital technology to achieve their objectives: “We’re taking our game to the next level in terms of perimeter solutions, with a focus on offering a unique leased model for football clubs.

“Instead of traditional outright purchases or shared media rights, our solution allows clubs to maintain 100% of the revenue from the perimeter, while having a monthly cost for the lease. It’s an exciting launch that sets us apart in the industry.

“We understand the challenges that sports clubs face when looking to invest in their stadiums and arenas – and that’s why we’ve created these comprehensive bundles that include everything a club needs to get started with a cutting-edge LED perimeter advertising system and digital assets.”

Already known for their Full Turnkey Solutions, they are delighted to offer these bundles which can include a package of eye catching graphics created by the newly branded BOCC Studio (Bendac Original Creative Content), which had its debut at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, and will offer custom content designed for LED within stadia.

To find out more about their new Perimeter and Digital Technology Bundles, please get in touch with Ben Da Costa on or 07824 700555.

You can also see Bendac at our Football & Rugby Business Networking event at Bramall Lane on 9th March. To book your place visit www.­foot­ball­tra­dedi­rec­tory.­com/­sheffield-2023

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