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Championship: Birmingham City confirm new interest in club after failed takeover bid

Championship side Birmingham City have confirmed that they have been approached by other 'interested parties' following the end of Maxco's investment bid.

That bid, fronted by businessman Paul Richardson and former footballer Maxi Lopez was brought to an end after the two parties failed to agree terms.

In a statement the club said, "The Club can confirm that the proposed deal for investment by MaxCo has come to an end following the Club’s owners' exercise of their right to terminate the deal.

As supporters will appreciate, for legal reasons, the Club is restricted in what it is able to say publicly at this time.

Since media reports on Friday 2 December, the Club have been approached by other interested parties."

The club is currently owned by Birmingham Sports Holdings Limited, a Chinese investment group who trade on the Hong Kong stock Exchange.

They have owned the club since 2016 but in that time the club has toiled in the Championship, at times narrowly avoiding relegation with little investment in the first team.

It's now over ten years since they were last in the Premier League, relegated in 2011 having won the League Cup earlier that season.

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