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Davis Trackhire help Liverpool FC get Anfield Road Stand Expansion on the road

In July 2021, Davis Trackhire attended a site meeting at Anfield. They discussed installing a temporary access road across the football pitch. This was to allow access for mobile and crawler cranes to remove the old roof section for the Liverpool FC Anfield Road Stand Expansion.

The works to build the new stand were already underway outside of the stadium. The roof sections needed to be removed from the inside of the stadium. In January 2022 they prepared a mock site installation at the Liverpool FC training ground. This was so the head groundsman could conduct tests prior to entering the main stadium. A temporary access road was installed for a full week with estimated loadings applied and was a success.

The project was scheduled to take place during the Winter World Cup in Qatar in November/ December 2022. Numerous meetings took place during the run-up to this. Davis Trackhire were geared up to start the project in November, however, due to some lifting issues and limited timeframes. The project was delayed until May 2023 after Liverpool played their final game of the football season.

On the 21st of May 2023, almost 2 years from the initial enquiry, Davis Trackhire arrived on site outside the stadium. They got there in the afternoon so all their crews could be inducted. They were ready to start the installation the next morning.

Davis Trackhire Trackway & Service Solution

A team of 14 men, 4 installation vehicles, 2 x Forklift trucks and 15 loads of aluminium temporary roadway panels were delivered to the site. They started the project on Monday 22nd May and worked in 2 teams, over 24 hours, to complete the work by midday on Wednesday 24th May installing 1,375 panels in a 2.5-day period.

A 6m x 5m ramp was created through the Kop end tunnel entrance so they could access the pitch level. They then installed a double-element temporary roadway system from the Kop end and over to the Anfield Road end. They installed a layer of membrane underlay directly onto the pitch surface. The bottom layer of our panels was placed flat-side down to eliminate any corrugation markings penetrating the pitch surface.

The top layer of panels was turned in the opposite direction to form a cross-bonded temporary platform. This takes out the flex within the panels and creates a solid platform to help distribute the anticipated loads. An area of 5000 sq/m was covered in total creating a large area for the project to take place. The temporary access road was used by 2 x 300-ton mobile cranes and 2 x 600-ton crawler cranes.

The crawler cranes were built on-site and placed on specially designed platforms on top of our panels. Helping distribute the weight while the old roof section, weighing 282 tonnes was being removed. The temporary access road remained in place for a 5-week period and was removed at the end of June 2023.

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