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EFL Cup not under threat but reforms may happen

Champions League reform does not threaten the future of the EFL Cup but the Football League is "realistic" about changes that might be needed to its format, says chairman Rick Parry.

Key meetings involving the European Clubs' Association and UEFA this week could lead to agreement over the Champions League format from 2024.

UEFA agreed to expand the tournament from 32 to 36 teams last year - with the group stage to be expanded from six matchdays to either 10 or, more likely, eight.

This will require additional midweek dates before Christmas, which will impact on the EFL Cup given there are no spare dates between the September international break and the end of December.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Rick Parry said "We are realistic, we clearly know 2024 is coming.

"UEFA doesn't really like League Cups. We are pretty much unique now in terms of major leagues.

"I don't think the future of the competition is under threat. But it's whether we look at the time-tabling of it. Whether, for example, we have to consider single leg semi-finals. Whether we have to look at the teams that clubs in Europe field.

"If discussions around the future of the EFL Cup are part of the broader discussion around redistribution and governance, so be it. But they can't take place in isolation. They have to be part of the total package."

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