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Former Huddersfield owner steps in to help club avoid administration

Former Huddersfield owner Dean Hoyle has confirmed that he has had to step in with financial support for the club to avoid administration.

Hoyle still retains a 25% stake in the club having sold the majority to Phil Hodgkinson, but recently became interim CEO after the departure or Mark Devlin.

Hoyle wrote in the programme notes for the Terriers' game against Swansea on Saturday which they drew 1-1, explaining his position and the financial manoeuvring of recent weeks.

"Having been reassured that all was well financially earlier that month, I had three days' notice to provide £2m to pay October's wages for our players and staff to bring creditor payments up to date." said Hoyle.

"I have subsequently provided millions more to meet the cash requirements of the club. The alternative would have been adminstration.

"I've read some suggestions that I only stepped in to secure my financial position, but this is not true.

"In October, I immediately met with the players and staff at the club to explain the situation and reassured everyone - as I do to you now - that I will provide stability going forward.

"There are no other material updates on this front for now, but I will provide you with any as they occur and arise."

Huddersfield are currently a point outside the players having won their last three games before Saturday's draw. 

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