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FTD Market Research highlights the range of Teamwear providers in professional football

With the domestic season now officially over we decided to take stock of some of the research projects we've undertaken ahead of next season.

One such project was to identify the Teamwear providers of every club in the Premier League, EFL, National League and SPL, as well as the Super League (Rugby League) and Premiership Rugby (Rugby Union), totalling just under 200 clubs in total.

Once we confirmed the current suppliers for every club as well as any information available with regards to the length of the deals being done, we were able to get a great picture of what the landscape of Teamwear in professional football (and rugby) looks like.

The biggest takeaway as a company who works with a number of Teamwear brands ourselves was how many companies are actually active in the market.

Across all the Leagues we surveyed there were 34 different suppliers, and that's before you factor in brands who operate further down the pyramid, resellers who operate on behalf of bigger brands, and brands who were in the market previously but have now left.

However, the more established brands do lead the way in terms of the amount of clubs they work with, as the top 5 brands accounted for over 50% of all clubs, whilst there a dozen brands who only have a single team.

The Premier League has the least amount of suppliers with 8, whilst there are a staggering 17 different brands with clubs in the National League North. 

With a number of clubs potentially changing their provider over the summer this landscape is sure to shift dramatically again by the time the 2024/25 season kicks off. 

This research is available in full with an in depth report as well as a club by club breakdown. To find out more about acquiring the full market research please email 

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