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Goalposts moved again

It's hard to believe now, but back in August the Government was talking about limited crowds back in stadiums come October. They also gave the green light to small scale events and the like.

That seems a distant memory now, with a further four week 'lockdown' in England making life more difficult for football clubs, fans and the football supply chain alike.

Miles of copy has been written about the plight of clubs, the imbalance between the Premier League and the rest of football and the impact of 'lockdown' on grass roots sport.

But, little has been said about the literally thousands of companies that supply the football industry. From caterers to sponsors, from the pie man to club shops, from match day lotteries to stewards - every aspect of football business has been hit.

Talking to many of the companies listed in the new Football Trade Directory Annual (Published Nov 21st) one of the biggest obstacles to business is actually being able to contact people at clubs.

Many staff have been either furloughed or in some cases made redundant. Many are working from home. There is no normal any more. But, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

John Booth, FTD's owner comments: 'With social distancing rules, travel restriction, and many football people working from home or even furloughed, making contact for suppliers has become a challenge.

'From our experience though, folks are still picking up emails, if anything in greater numbers, because staff have become more isolated, and that means email is the best way to keep in touch at the moment.
'We have been doing some great work for a whole range of companies and have some great case studies. 'I fear it may be late spring, early summer 2021 before we can have meetings with any numbers and fans will be allowed back into grounds. Before we know it, clubs will be planning for 2022 and the 2021 season will be behind us.

'Meanwhile I think email and email marketing are a great way to keep in touch.'

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