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Great Annual Savings link with Spennymoor is 'Priceless' to raising revenue

Spennymoor Town's managing Directory, Tony Wilson, has explained to fans how their link with Great Annual Savings will be priceless over the coming weeks and months to help us earn revenue."
In a statement Wilson said:
"The main positive for Spennymoor is that we still have a revenue stream outside of football and it is of benefit to the wider business community. During normal operation, this revenue stream can be a competitive advantage to the club. But now, we need it to continue to cover the costs the club incurs even without matches being played.

I’m referring to our commercial relationship with cost saving consultancy Great Annual Savings Group (GAS), which is owned by our Chief Executive Brad Groves. The firm specialises in helping other businesses reduce their outgoing costs. GAS can help minimise a business’ expenditure in utilities, telecoms, broadband, payment machines, electric vehicle charging, waste management and many more areas classified as “variable costs”.

Of course, GAS’ team of experts have helped the club itself in all of these areas to be as efficient as possible. The team there can be an asset to businesses around the UK in this time of crisis and potentially offer advice which can boost finances.

This commercial relationship works by the club being a referral partner to GAS. For every successful referral to the Group, we are paid a fee. This has proven useful so far this season and will be priceless over the coming weeks and months to help us earn revenue."

The club are asking support from our sponsors, suppliers and supporters to help them by referring business to GAS through the club. 

Are you a club representative and would be interested in saving and generating revenue via sponsorship and partnership agreements with Great Annual Savings? If you do then you can contact Shaun Richardson on or 07932 339539




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