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Hartlepool United put up for sale

Hartlepool United Chairman Raj Singh has today confirmed the club will be put up for sale. 

The club's relegation from EFL League Two was confirmed at the weekend and fans voiced their dissatisfaction at the way the club was being run.

Speaking of his decision to put the club up for sale, Singh, said: “This comes as an incredibly tough decision, perhaps the toughest I have ever had to make, but I will formally be putting the club up for sale. It is certainly not what I had intended to do but I feel I must listen to the voices from Saturday.” 

“I am hurting and deeply upset following Saturday. I do want to apologise to all the genuine fans for the shortcomings on the playing side. This season has been nowhere near good enough and I will elaborate on that in due course.”

“As a local person I stepped in to help Hartlepool United when it was in danger of ceasing to exist and I have done my utmost. Despite what some people might what to believe or portray, the club is in a much more secure position behind the scenes than when I arrived.” 

He also commented on the immediate future of manager John Askey and the plans moving forward, stating: “John Askey will be the Manager of this football club next season. I have sat down with John and Darren our Sporting Director to assure them, and all the fans, that I will remain fully committed to the success of Hartlepool United both on and off the pitch until the club is sold.”

“Plans have been put together and the Manager will receive a budget of around one-third higher than the one that got us promoted a few years ago if we go into National League.

“We will back John and his team in either scenario to turn this situation around and we believe the ingredients are there to do so. In many ways the club is in a stronger position now.”

“I have also given my assurances to the off-field staff that it will be business as usual and that they should continue with their good work and progress. The commercial team have a lot planned this summer.”

“As long as the fans allow me the courtesy and don’t force my hand, I will not just walk away and leave this club in a mess as some prior regimes have unfortunately done. My aim was always to leave Hartlepool United in a better position than what I found it, and I firmly believe that can still be done.”

“Finally, I ask the fans to remember that we are human and also that potential owners, coaches, players, sponsors etc will all be looking in at us during this process.”

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