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Installing LedgeMate in your venue will benefit both your customers and your advertising revenue

They say the devil is in the detail. Sometimes, the things that set us apart and which our customers are most appreciative of, are the little details. Good customer experience is the key to enhanced reputation, brand value, and word of mouth advertising that creates a buzz and repeat business. And if you’re looking for these little add-ons to make all the difference in your venues, there is one small solution which makes a big impact – Ledgemate.

A welcome they’ll remember

Instead of trying to juggle glasses, bags, phones and anything else in their hands when they visit the bathroom, your customers can now have a safe, hygienic spot to place their things – a little helping hand when they need it most. Instead of running the security risk of leaving their items behind at a table or the mess and inconvenience of having to place them on the floor, Ledgemate provides a handy place for their belongings. So in washrooms, changing rooms, entranceways, or anywhere you have some dead space, you can now provide a customer solution to enhance their experience that also doubles as advertising space.

A space to stash

From bathrooms to gym changing rooms, waiting areas, hallways and more – there’s almost no space that the adaptive Ledgemate can’t be put to work in. With a patent-pending, innovative design, the units can be branded up and produced in any colour to provide complete customisation that will integrate beautifully with your environment. Because the material has anti-bacterial properties, you don’t have to worry about germs either. So your customers can keep their drinks and personal belongings safely stowed away and germ-free.

Generating extra revenue

It’s not just the benefit to your patrons – LedgeMate can also help you to generate revenue. Because the front panel features a built-in advertising panel, you can choose to communicate with your customers, showing off upcoming events or special deals. Or you can boost revenue by selling the advertising space to sponsors or other businesses. Either way, the item is working hard for you while it helps customers out. You have your target demographic in one place – so why not use the opportunity well? Diversifying your business with added marketing opportunities like this can really help to give your profits an extra stream.

The easy solution

The built-in advertising cartridge means that you can swap out the inserts easily and quickly, so your LedgeMate is always on message. It also includes anti-tamper technology to keep the messages you choose to display neatly and securely in place. Being very easy to fit and use, you won’t have any problems with installation or maintenance either. It’s a targeted solution which can help out your business in so many ways and enhance your great reputation.

For more information about LedeMate visit  https://­ledgemate.­com/ or call 0207 459 4341

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