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Jonas Sport re-join with Middlesbrough

Jonas Sports have announced that they will be providing Middlesbrough with their in-store retail solution alongside integration with their online shop, order fulfilment and head office including stock control and multi-channel reporting.

Their VMS card services in store will also help Middlesbrough save money on their transaction fees.

“It’s great to be back with Jonas Sports. We’re excited to continue our journey with their dedicated retail platform for sport. As the market leader in sport, they have the technology, experience and integrations we need to run a successful retail operation. The team did a wonderful job in getting us set up and we’re delighted to be live with Jonas Sports Retail again.”
Jo-Ann Swinnerton, Head of Retail, Middlesbrough Football Club

“We’re delighted to welcome Middlesbrough back to Jonas Sports. We’re confident we offer the best retail solution to sports clubs and Middlesbrough returning to us really highlights the breadth of functionality available in our system that so many sports retail businesses rely on.”
Sam Nixon, General Manager, Jonas Sports

To find out more about how Jonas Sports can help your club visit https://­jonassports.­com/

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