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Landways Audio Digital and WiFi to get first use by Wycombe Wanderers fans

Landways, in partnership with Wycombe Wanderers, is preparing to run a first test of its new digital audio and fan Wi-Fi systems at the Wycombe Wanderers v Leicester City match this Wednesday 28 July.

Wycombe Wanderers are asking fans who attend the match to provide their feedback on the new digital audio and in stadium Wi-Fi.

All fans at the match need to do is:

1. Listen out for the new Digital Audio around the stands at the match
2. Connect to the Wi-Fi and use it to complete a small range of tasks while you are at the stadium
Network Name: Adams Park WiFi
Password: WYW1887!
3. Complete the feedback form to tell us about your experience
For more information about Landways and how they can help enhance supporter experience at your stadium visit https://­landways.­com/ or call 020 3176 0177

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