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Lionesses come to agreement with FA over bonus payments

England captain Millie Bright says the Lionesses have "come to an agreement" with the Football Association (FA) following their dispute over play bonuses.

There were frustrations from players when an agreement was not met before talks were put on hold during this summer's Women's World Cup.

However, Bright says the squad are "really positive things will be different moving forward".

It is unclear what the agreement is but Bright said it is "more than finances".

"We've come to an agreement but it's bigger than just the bonuses. For us, it's about being world leaders on and off the pitch," said Bright.

"The women's game is evolving very quickly so conversations like this need to happen to make sure in all areas we are at the top of our game.

"The conversation was extremely positive. We feel really confident moving forward with the structure we now have in place."

Players for some rival nations including Australia, Spain and the United States were set to receive bonuses after the Women's World Cup, but the Lionesses, who reached the final, were not.

They have been in talks with the FA and Professional Footballers' Association about the issue since July. This year, for the first time at a Women's World Cup, players received individual payments direct from FIFA.

Those payments ranged from £23,500 for players whose teams were knocked out in the group stages, to £211,000 for the Spanish team who won the tournament. Nations also received increased prize money, with champions Spain taking £3.4m.

Asked about the details of the new agreement reached with the FA, Bright added: "It covered a variety of things. It's the whole package that comes with the women's game. It's more than finances. It's everything to do with the next generation.

"We're very lucky and privileged we have amazing facilities and set the tone in many areas.

"Those conversations were also just about checking in and building those relationships, so if a problem does pop up we're in a position where we can have an open and honest conversation.

"That's why I feel positive we came to an agreement and we're building a new structure where we can have more of that open dialogue so everything stays the way it should be."

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