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Liverpool announce partnership with Wasabi Technologies

Title chasing Liverpool have teamed up with cloud storage company Wasabi.

Wasabi provides hot cloud storage for businesses and will become the club's official cloud storage partner. 

Drew Crisp, SVP of Digital at Liverpool FC, said: “We are always looking for ways to innovate and enhance the technology we use to store and share important files and information across the business. 

“Data is becoming increasingly central to how the world of sports operates. As a result, our data is incredibly valuable, so safely and efficiently storing and accessing that information is critical to the way we operate as a business and a football club. So we’re excited to welcome Wasabi Technologies as our new cloud storage partner.

“As Wasabi looks to continue its exponential growth and provide a highly competitive cloud storage alternative in this rapidly expanding market, it wanted to partner with a brand that has huge global reach and could provide the platform to drive brand awareness and engagement. 

“With LFC’s huge global audience and marketing capabilities, we’re delighted to provide the brand platform that Wasabi needs.”

Michael Welts, chief marketing officer at Wasabi Technologies, said: “This is an historic moment in the evolution of the Wasabi brand. 

“Not only does Liverpool Football Club have a fanbase and global reach that is second to none, but the club is also driven to be the technology trailblazer in an increasingly data-driven sports world. 

“Wasabi’s work with LFC will be a game-changer in the trajectory of our company, and we look forward to creating many memorable and exciting opportunities alongside the biggest sports brand in the world.”

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