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Liverpool to open Upper Tier of the Anfield Road Stand for Manchester United clash

Ahead of their match with arch rivals Manchester United on Sunday, Liverpool have confirmed that the expanded Upper Tier of the Anfield Road stand will be open to fans.

The first phase of reopening this section of Anfield will mean that 57,000 supporters will be in attendance as league leaders Liverpool host United.

The club had initially thought that they would be unable to open any of the Upper Tier until after Christmas, but were able to gain the required licenses from the local council following a successful test event held on Monday during which manager Jurgen Klopp did a Q+A with thousands of fans in attendance.

The attendance on Sunday will be the club's largest for 50 years, though the stand will still not be fully open, but when all work is complete the capacity will be up to 61,000 supporters.

Speaking on the club's official website, Paul Cuttill, vice-president of stadium operations, said: “This is fantastic news and testament to the sheer hard work and commitment that all involved in this complex project have put in.

“We were forced to revise on construction schedules after Buckingham went into administration in September and thought we wouldn’t be able to open the upper tier until January.

“So to find ourselves ahead of that schedule is great, a real credit to all involved. The priority has always been to get fans into the upper tier safely and as soon as possible. We must thank all those fans who attended our test event on Monday evening to make this possible.

“Now we can’t wait to welcome those 57,000 fans to Anfield and see the new upper tier of the Anfield Road Stand come alive on matchday.”

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