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Lumosa Lights the Way: Revolutionizing Newtown AFC with Sustainable Brilliance

In the heart of Powys, Lumosa's transformative brilliance illuminated Newtown AFC's path to sustainability. Faced with dimming dreams due to outdated halogen bulbs, Newtown found a guiding light in Lumosa's cutting-edge LED lights. Collaborating with Surface Lux and supported by the Cymru Football Foundation's Sustainability Fund, Newtown bid farewell to energy-draining bulbs, embracing a lighting system that not only illuminated but also slashed power consumption by an impressive 75%.

Fuelled by a grant exceeding £38,000 from the Cymru Football Foundation, Newtown AFC underwent a radiant transformation. The innovative lighting system not only brightened their future but also made a substantial 75% reduction in their power bills. As the Cymru Football Foundation's Fit-For-Future Facilities Programme continued its inspiring journey, over £8 million infused into state-of-the-art facilities, including floodlight upgrades, promised to enrich player experiences and nurture community well-being.

Lumosa, more than mere lights, embodies a promise of sustainable brilliance and community empowerment. Each Lumosa flicker doesn't just illuminate fields; it ignites community dreams. With every shine, Lumosa reinforces its commitment to a vibrant sporting future.

Testimonial: Barry Gardner, Board Member of Newtown AFC, shares, "The new Lumosa LED floodlights and control system allow us to make much-needed savings with the high usage of our pitch from Huddle and Development Centre sessions to the Academy and then first team.”

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