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Modulek moves into the spotlight

Modular construction is rapidly moving into the spotlight and providing solutions to rising construction issues.

Modulek are an experienced construction company that specialise in modular construction using steel framed modules. Providing a complete design and build solution, buildings can be designed for any purpose and manufactured and installed in half the time of a traditional build method. With an award-winning in house design team, bespoke exterior colours and finishes can be instantly recognised in terms of branding, a new building can instantly become part of the club or training site.

The application of modular design and construction in commercial building projects has many benefits that are paying dividends to the sports industry.

Modular construction is quick and versatile. It creates freedom to design and deliver buildings with areas that can be utilised across the business quickly, a main driving factor in its rising popularity.

The beauty of a modular is that it can be designed with flexible layouts and spaces. A real advantage to clubs that are looking for a building that can be used for different purposes and accommodate multiple functions across the business.

Whether a building is to provide improved facilities for players, management, and staff or to provide new areas for increased revenue opportunities such as fan zones, retail, catering or corporate hospitality, the building at design stage can lend itself to versatile floorplans that can work across the club.

Modular design can also be specified and engineered so that the building can be relocated if required. A huge advantage to clubs that may have short- or long-term plans to relocate. 

Modular design also works as a two staged development, so where a club might wish to expand one area of the business this year, modular design can be specified to incorporate a second phase of development the following year. A single-story building to meet immediate needs and the second storey or an extension to accommodate expansion or a second phase of development the following year.

One of the biggest challenges when looking at development of a live site is how to minimise disruption to enable the existing commercial activity to continue.  Modular buildings are manufactured offsite, so the vast majority of the build is completed in a factory and delivered to site preassembled and craned directly into place. The manufacturing process can be achieved in weeks rather than ground up construction methods which can take months. Once craned into position the finishing touches are carried out on site. 

“The professionalism and the speed of how they worked impressed me most, to have it up and running as it is in such a short space of time is a credit to Modulek”

If you require a rapid solution for a new building to be ready in a very tight timeframe, either to coincide with the off season, move players and staff swiftly to a new building or to proactively adapt to market demands for new or additional revenue to the club, then Modulek can help.

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