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National League side Rochdale announce Preferred Investor

National League side Rochdale AFC have confirmed that the Ogden Family as its preferred investor.

The announcement follows the expiration of a period of exclusivity with World Soccer Holdings LLC.

Speaking on the club's official website, Chairman Simon Gauge stated: “This is a different type of football investment, in that it is primarily driven by the recognition of, and motivation to preserve, the significant community value that clubs like ours provide. 

“The Ogden Family recognise the history that our Football Club has and are motivated to help us achieve sustainability so that we will be at the heart of our community for another 100 years and beyond."

The Ogden Family also released a statement, saying:

"We are a family with strong Rochdale roots. Sir Peter Ogden and Lady Ogden were born in Rochdale. Our charitable trust, the Ogden Trust, which primarily supports the teaching and learning of physics in under-represented groups, has various ongoing initiatives in Rochdale schools.""

"We were made aware of the Club’s difficulties in recent weeks, and we held constructive initial meetings with the Club and the Dale Supporters Trust. We have since been monitoring the situation while the Club has been in exclusive discussions with WSH LLC. We were informed that the exclusivity period has expired and have since stepped up our discussions and diligence efforts."

"To allow us the necessary time, we are making sufficient funds available to the Club to enable it to operate for the next 30 days. By the expiry of that period, we plan to have completed our diligence and formulated and presented our offer such that, assuming it is acceptable to the Club, we can conclude an investment before the end of the season."

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