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Rangers enter into partnership with FBA

Rangers have signed a partnership with The Football Business Academy. The deal will see the Swiss educational institution work together with the Scottish club.

Stewart Robertson, Managing Director at Rangers said “I am delighted that Rangers are joining the prestigious FBA Family. This partnership will provide fantastic opportunities both for ourselves and for the FBA Candidates who can look forward to some outstanding opportunities working with the club in the months and years to come.”

Kristian Dobrev, Chief Partnerships Officer, The FBA added “We’re delighted to welcome Rangers FC into The FBA Family. As Scotland’s most successful football club, it’s an honour to start collaborating with them and give FBA Candidates the opportunity to support the club with its strategic needs. From our conversations it became evident that there are lots of synergies and we look forward to see this partnership bear its fruits in the coming months and years.”

The Football Business Academy is pleased to announce its partnership with Rangers FC. The Glasgow-based club is only a few months away from turning 150 years old and the aim of this partnership is to strengthen the club for the next 150 years. 

In recent months, the club has shared an ambitious vision covering a plethora of projects and departments, many of which are well suited to receive the support of the diverse profiles FBA Candidates represent. From digital transformation and commercial growth strategies to facilities development and the Rangers Charity Foundation, the club will be able to tap into a broad range of skills, ideas and perspectives.

The FBA’s Professional Master in Football Business selects Candidates from different academic and professional backgrounds who are then exposed to a very practical learning journey. This includes a wide range of courses taught by industry experts on topics such as Football Industry Macro Trends, Financial Strategy in Football, Women’s Football Development, and Stadium Business Operations, complemented by a guaranteed internship, Field Trips, networking events, and a Student Business Project.

Through this partnership, Rangers will be able to ‘scout’ football business talent and benefit from external views on how the club can learn from other best practices and innovative solutions from around the world.

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