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Rigby Taylor’s new nutri-link fertiliser feeds turf surface nutritional demands

Rigby Taylor has announced the new Nutri-Link nutritional and bio-stimulant system for a wide range of turf surfaces, including sand-based constructions. Comprising six specially formulated liquid fertilisers, the Nutri-Link fertiliser is applied as a foliar spray that is taken up by both the leaf and the root.

Designed and formulated to supplement granular applications, and for use either stand-alone or in support of an in-season programme, Nutri-Link provides a host of benefits:

  • Enhanced root mass and depth
  • Increased tillering and denser sward
  • Improved disease tolerance
  • Better drought resistance
  • Rapid recovery from wear and mechanical damage
  • Enhanced and extended greening
  • More rapid germination
  • Reduced salt toxicity
  • Greater tolerance to excessive temperature
  • Improved photosynthetic capability
  • Enhanced carbon sequestration.

Nutri-Link’s components provide multiple solutions to both the macro and micro problems that confront today’s grounds staff - including soil structure, microbial activity, biotic and abiotic stresses. This synergistic approach results in improved plant health and performance; the components’ individual strengths when working together provide greater benefits than if used singly. 

A fully illustrated brochure is available from either your Rigby Taylor Area Technical Manager or on request via Freephone 0800 424 919. 


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