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Sheffield Wednesday owner Chansiri states he will no longer put additional money into club

Sheffield Wednesday's owner Dejphon Chansiri has released a lengthy statement on the club's website, criticising certain sections of fans and stating he doesn't intend to put any more money into the club.

The Owls currently sit bottom of the Championship and are winless since they returned to the second tier via the play-offs in May.

Chansiri has received strong criticism from sections of the Wednesday fan base for his running of the club, with the departure of former boss Darren Moore in the summer and ticket prices, which are among the highest in the League, recent points of contention.

His statement discusses supporters who have 'crossed the line' by targeting him and his family personally, as well as stating that he doesn't believe fan protests against his ownership 'can help the club'.

Whilst he didn't officially put the club up for sale or confirm that he intended to sell, he did say that he would talk to potential investors if they 'follow the correct process'.

He also confirmed that whilst he was being treated 'unfairly' he would not continue to put money into the club.
Here is his statement in full:

"Hello to all Sheffield Wednesday fans. I have thought about making this statement for some time and it is extremely difficult for me to do something that I never thought I would have to do. But in the end, I think it is the time to say some things that I feel I have to say before it is too late.
First of all, I would like to thank all the fans who have supported the club so well over the past nine years or so since I came to Sheffield Wednesday. There has been joy and sorrow, the joy we have shared together and in times of sorrow we have supported each other.
Right now, we are not in a good situation in the table and I believe that supporters have every right to voice opinions, speak from the heart and say anything you wish about the football. That is the nature of the game, which I always respect. But I also believe there are limits to balance for the benefits of the club and all other stakeholders as a whole.
Fans can complain, criticise, give strong opinions, balanced opinions, say anything you like. But no one has the right to cross the line or the right to try and cause damage, throw insults, or go to my family which has happened again, which I cannot accept. Right now, this is too much. I have always welcomed constructive debate and thought, which is fine, but to the people who have contacted me directly with insults, and to my family, I can tell you that I will never accept this.
The club has found ways to improve and make things better and develop as much as we can, in all areas. However, it is not possible for the club to do things alone. For example, some fans have said the ticket price is too high. I have explained this many times in forums. For example, the prices can be lower if we have enough guaranteed volume and that is a win-win situation, for the club and the fans. It is the same for the price of the shirts, exactly the same principle. The price can be lower if the sale volume is higher. We must look for solutions – it is no use thinking of just one side, we must think of and help each other. I lose a lot of money each year and we must try and balance as much as we can.
We have launched the Community Engagement Scheme for any fans who struggle to attend games and a number of supporters have taken advantage of this scheme. Unfortunately, for some who have historically not attended games, they have used the pricing structures to attack the club without the intention to attend themselves, even when prices have been lower.

Some fans say I am the custodian, not the owner. Who say they were born here and will die here. I may not have been born here and I will probably not die here but one thing I can say is that I will always try and do my best for Wednesday. Even though I have been involved for less than 10 years, that does not make my love for our club any higher or lower than anyone else. To those who are trying to create trouble damaging the club, I ask, what have you done that is good for your club, why are you trying to harm it? If I am such a bad owner, what are you doing on your side? We all love Sheffield Wednesday and I am a supporter as well as the owner who must love and care for the club more than anyone else because of the position I am in as chairman. I must take responsibility for everything at the club, including the financial support which is something I always do. But from now, I will not put additional money into the club. If you say you are the owner and I am the custodian, then show me how to be the good owner and help save your club. You want me to leave but you want me to spend money? If you want me to leave, then show me how to run the club and invest the money before I do that. You have no right to ask me to leave. I am the one who saved the club and spent the money for the club, I am the one who needs to pay around £2m on average every month. Some fans need to have more respect for owners of clubs and not be so selfish, thinking of their own benefit without doing anything good to the club. This is not acceptable and as a result I am not willing to inject more money while I am being treated unfairly by those fans.

The club needs support from everyone during difficult times. In football, there are good times and not so good times. It is easy to celebrate good times but we must support each other in difficult times.
I think at the moment, it is too much, with some people crossing the line. For example, as a club we have made many statements about the conduct of supporters, and those who have broken the regulations could lead to us receiving fines from the FA. Some clubs have been fined up to £100,000 for breaking the regulations and of course this is something we do not wish to see at Sheffield Wednesday. Coming onto the pitch at the end of the game against Peterborough, throwing objects onto the pitch against Middlesbrough, these situations can cost clubs a lot of money which again is my responsibility.

Regarding protests, I do not believe this can help our club. The people who are trying to organise these protests are not prepared to identify themselves, while they are happy to encourage other fans to show themselves, how can this help? Protests are a waste of time. I would like these fans to show me how much you love your club, do not damage it. I do not want to fight with anyone but to use your words - ‘enough is enough’. Please do not damage our own club, otherwise those fans need to take all respon­sibi­lities and liabilities.
I know there are people who wish for me to leave. I personally have never said a single word on my valuation of Sheffield Wednesday or how much I would want to sell Sheffield Wednesday for, because I have never considered selling. It is easy – someone come forward, and if I am satisfied that the club will better prosper, then we can talk. Some fans say there are many people wanting to buy football clubs but it is not just about money, it is about the right person or organisation who will take good care of the club.
There was speculation recently from an interested party but it was said I refused to talk about the sale of the club. This is not correct. It is simple, if you want to buy the club, show me the proof of funds and submit an offer in the professional way. I met this person as a sponsor and I did not know who he was representing but the same applies, show me the proof of funds and submit an offer. Neither of these two things happened and as a sponsor, his business was yet to pay the full amount for the sponsorship so how could I sell the club like this anyway?

If anyone wants to buy the club, they should act professionally and follow the correct process. All the information required is published in the accounts every year, there is nothing to hide. When I bought Sheffield Wednesday, would Milan have sold it to me if he was not satisfied with my offer? All I want and all I have ever wanted is the best for Sheffield Wednesday and if anyone wishes to invest and come and do a better job, then we can talk. Until that happens I will continue to try my best and focus on trying to help us move up the Championship table.

As I mentioned, I will not inject any more money into the club if I am being treated unfairly. Those fans who create trouble to the club and myself and believe that they are the real owner of the club need to be responsible for the financial matters of the club from now on. If they can take such financial responsibility to save the club and they believe that I am not the right owner, they may propose any buyer who I believe can operate the club for the benefit of all stakeholders going forward."

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