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Troo provide boost to non-league clubs by hosting further networking events for local businesses

 Energy Brokers Troo are helping non-league clubs build support from local companies by helping to arrange B2B networking events for local businesses at a number of clubs across the country.

The events are a great way for clubs to engage with local businesses and find potential new partners and revenue streams, as well as encouraging local businesses to trade with each other. 

Having already helped these clubs save money on their energy costs Troo are providing support to these events in order to make them as beneficial as possible for the clubs and those in attendance.

Here are a few of the clubs who will be hosting businesses at their respective grounds in the coming weeks, so if you're local to these clubs and want to pop along, just click the links below:

For more information about Troo and to see whether they can help your club or business save on your energy costs, visit https://­­www.­­troocost.­­com/ 

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