Football Trade Directory

Two Sports – One Book

First published in 2007, the Football Trade Directory is to merge with its sister publication the Rugby Trade Directory to create a unique reference work for both Football and Rugby.

As publisher John Booth explains.

‘This was an obvious move given the fact that most of the suppliers included serve both sports and specialised categories could be highlighted.

‘The published version will have more pages and more categories than before and be sent to over 5000 clubs in both football and rugby.

‘The digital version of the directory continues to grow in importance with over 108,000 downloads so far in 2022.

‘There are over 200 supplier categories and in excess of 2,000 listings which ensures club officials have potential suppliers at their finger tips.’

The 2023 Football & Rugby Trade Directory will again be sponsored by Thermopatch, leaders in transferred applications and motifs (for the fifth year) and there are a string of well-known brands included.

With an entry point of just £49.99 there is an advertising opportunity for any company traying to get their brand or service in front of club decision makers.

Full details can be found here or call 01772 875184

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