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11 Clubs apply for place in NW Countries league

There are eleven clubs who have applied for promotion to the Step 6 in the NWCFL region - nine coming from Step 7 feeder leagues and two new clubs.

To be considered for promotion, a club MUST meet the entry ground grade H criteria by 31st March. They also must finish in 1st position in their Step 7 competition after the current season. If a club finishing in 1st position does not wish to be considered for promotion, or fails the entry criteria, then a club finishing in 2nd position may be considered.

If the club in 2nd does not seek promotion, or fails to meet the entry criteria, then clubs down to 5th position may be considered for promotion provided that they meet the appropriate entry criteria.

Clubs finishing below 5th position MAY NOT be considered for promotion and, ordinarily, only ONE club will be promoted from each Step 7 competition.

FOR THIS SEASON ONLY – owing to the Step 6 restructure, it may be necessary to consider additional promotion candidates on a geographical basis.

The FA Leagues Committee reserves the right to promote more than one Club per Step 7 League and would enter consultation with Step 7 Leagues if this were required.

The clubs who have applied from Step 7 are:

  • Allscott (West Midlands Region League)
  • Ashville (West Cheshire League)
  • Crewe (Cheshire League)
  • Egerton (Cheshire League)
  • Foley Meir (Staffordshire County Senior League)
  • Ilkley Town (West Yorkshire League)
  • South Liverpool (West Cheshire League)
  • Stockport Georgians (Manchester League)
  • Wellington Amateurs (West Midlands Regional League)
Plus two new clubs:
  • Bury AFC
  • FC Isle of Man
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