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Doncaster Rovers confirm Eco-Power Group as new front of shirt sponsor

Doncaster Rovers have announced Eco-Power Group as their new front of shirt sponsor for the 2022/23 season.

The Doncaster-based waste recycling and construction specialists have built on their existing partnership with the club, having taken the stadium naming rights back in December.

The agreement has been made for an initial two years with an option to extend for a further two, and represents the most lucrative commercial agreement that the club has ever secured for the front of shirt sponsorship.

Eco-Power Group commercial director Louis Calders said the company was keen to further their support of the club as soon as they became aware the front of shirt opportunity was available.

He said: “The company has been on an upward trajectory in recent years, that led us to the point where we were able to take on the stadium naming rights.

“The relationship so far has been really productive and we are enjoying supporting the club.

“When we heard that there was the option to become the club’s front of shirt sponsor as well, we were quick to come to an agreement.

“And after seeing the logo on the shirt we think it looks fantastic.”

The new agreement will see the Eco-Power Group logo adorn the front of both the Rovers and Doncaster Rovers Belles first team shirts, as well as a sleeve patch on the Doncaster RLFC first team shirt.

Club Doncaster chief commercial officer Jon Warburton said Eco-Power Group were a shining example of a company that wanted to support the club as a whole.

He said: “In just six very short months we have developed a great working relationship with Eco-Power Group, and this new agreement will really cement the position they hold as the head of our thriving 100Club partnership programme.

“It is extremely encouraging that the team at Eco-Power Group completely buy into the Club Doncaster model and have offered their commercial support across all three of our teams.

“In addition to that we are having conversations between the Club Doncaster Foundation and the Eco-Power Foundation, to find ways of working together for the benefit of people in Doncaster.

“The partnership really is a mutually beneficial two-way relationship and we are excited to see what the future holds.”

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