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Fanbase partner with National League side Ebbsfleet United

Fanbase have announced theirlatest partnership with National League side Ebbsfleet United.

With the new season about to begin, the club are set to take the next step in the online-ticketing experience with the seamless integration of the Fanbase platform into their operations. This collaboration promises an easier and much more convenient step for their fans, particularly in redefining the ticketing process for those visiting the Kuflink Stadium.

With the introduction of the innovative Fanbase platform, fans will now have the convenience of accessing match and season tickets online in just a few clicks. The newly launched Ebbsfleet United branded mobile and online experience will offer new levels of ease and accessibility, making ticket purchase and stadium entry a breeze for all supporters.

By adopting Fanbase, the National League side can expect to experience a wide range of benefits:

  1. Easy fan access: Say hello to effortless access for fans with a smooth and streamlined ticket-purchasing process on a platform that ensures a hassle-free experience when acquiring match and season tickets.

  2. Increased revenue opportunities: By introducing the ease and accessibility of round-the-clock online ticket purchases, there is fresh potential for new revenue opportunities. Embracing Fanbase technology has been a game-changer for other clubs, propelling their season ticket sales to new heights, with some experiencing an increase of up to 70%.

  3. Effortless administration: Through the seamless adoption of digital ticketing, the club is set to reduce printing, postage, and ticket collection hassles. Automation takes centre stage, granting fans instant access to exclusive benefits. With streamlined processes, the club's dedicated staff can now reallocate their time and efforts towards strategic initiatives, bringing productivity to new heights.

Fanbase Head of Growth, Jerome McCarthy commented: “Ebbsfleet United are on a very exciting growth journey and we are delighted to partner with them to further improve the fan experience and alleviate some of the pressures on the ticketing staff. The club have made huge strides on and off the pitch in the last few years and it’s exciting to be working with a forward-thinking club that is going about fan engagement the right way. We’re looking forward to a season in the National League with home fans and the fans of all visiting clubs getting to experience a simple and slick ticket purchase journey via Fanbase.”

Fleet CEO Damian Irvine said, “We first introduced online ticketing with a system we built ourselves when our fans returned from lockdown for both safety and practical reasons, allowing those who wanted to ease their ticket-purchasing process from the comfort of their own homes. That has stood us in good stead for two seasons, growing in popularity and use year on year. Fanbase will help us take this to the next level, with the capability of ticket purchase via an app and online, and the addition of tickets stored in digital wallets for supporters’ convenience. And Fanbase’s roadmap for the future also opens up exciting possibilities further down the line for the club. 

For all this innovation, we do not forget we have many older supporters who prefer the traditional way of buying tickets and so we will continue to cater for them to allow ticket purchase in person at the club and via the ticket windows on matchdays. The capability for supporters to now purchase their tickets digitally right up to kick-off is also designed to alleviate queuing pressures on those windows. I’d encourage our supporters to get their tickets for our first two league matches against Solihull Moors and Aldershot Town as soon as they go on sale and download the Fanbase app to get started!”

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