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Premier League clubs aim to keep betting sleeve sponsorships

Premier League clubs are likely to make the retention of shirt sleeve sponsorships by gambling companies one of the conditions upon which they will vote for a voluntary ban on front-of-shirt deals with betting operators ahead of new government legislation.

According to a report in The Times, clubs are close to supporting a set of conditions that would take the sting out of any voluntary agreement that would take betting company branding off Premier League club shirtfronts.

Although it is uncertain when clubs will be asked to vote on the proposals, The Times said they will be discussed at a Premier League shareholders’ meeting next week and that there is enough support ­to go through when put to a vote. Any agreement requires assent from 14 of the 20 clubs.  ­

The long-awaited government White Paper, updating the 2005 Gambling Act, is expected to be published in the coming months, although changes at the head of government following the stepping down of Boris Johnson may change the schedule.

About half the 2022-23 crop of Premier League clubs, including West Ham United, Everton and Newcastle United, are sponsored by gambling companies.

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