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Sypro Risk Manager announce landmark partnership with Wigan Athletic

Sypro's leading compliance and asset management software ‘Risk Manager’ has agreed a landmark partnership with Wigan Athletic for managing risk across its estate.

Implementing their risk management software, the League One club, which was acquired by Phoenix 2021 Limited in March 2021, will manage its assets at the DW Stadium in Robin Park and its first team and academy training sites.

The system allows an organisation to keep on top of regular maintenance through simple management, easy allocation of tasks through a customisable schedule, and robust process tracking to minimise maintenance costs across multiple sites. It also ensures that the review, approval, and auditing processes are managed effectively for every task, mitigating any legal risks for the organisation.

Risk Manager is also a cost-effective way for organisations to review, detect and manage the areas that are most at risk within their operations – and to address them and allocate any work required to mitigate those risks.

Josh Mitchell, head of sales for Risk Manager, said: “We’re proud to be announcing this new partnership with Wigan Athletic to help manage the wide variety of activities and opportunities across its stadium and training grounds. Risk management in buildings is not just about old structures that come with inherited risks, but about newer buildings and the challenges by ever-evolving modern systems and practices.

“We know that all clients’ assets have their own unique requirements that need to be kept on top of to maintain them, and with this system, the team at Wigan will be able to introduce customisable functionality to suit the stadium and training facilities as it needs, but also to adapt them as things may change over time.

“The upkeep and safety of sporting venues is incredibly important, which is why we invest in systems that help us maintain it. We are able to use elements of the software to build  specific requirements into the risk register to make sure that everything is managed in the same way as other more practical things like structural reviews to ensure safety on site.”

Risk Manager keeps processes simple through its easy-to-use functionality and workflows that are housed in one central digital system, and crucially stops small incidents from becoming larger, more costly jobs further down the line.

“We are pleased to have partnered with Sypro with the use of their Risk Manager. The system, when coupled with the support received from Sypro, made the overall package far more competitive than other systems that we had looked at. It is also great to have a system in place that can keep pace with our ambitions as we continue to expand at a large rate, preventing any issues that could have occurred from this expansion.

“The system will help to keep us compliant as it will monitor various aspects of our maintenance schedule, contracts and licences. Knowing that the system will remind us of when these essential aspects of our business are due for review will ensure nothing is missed and our fans will be safe, which is of paramount importance to us.” 

Andy Birch, operations manager at Wigan Athletic

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