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World Soccer Football Federation launch brand new website

World Soccer Football Federation (WSFF)have launched their brand new website. 

WSFF promote games/¬≠pastimes involving board/card and other products associated with football. They also aim to stimulate with debate and educate where necessary about the areas of the game which are important at the grass-roots level of football, utilising the criteria laid out by the various F.A. initiatives such as 'The Respect Programme'.

Their proposals not only conform to the current required number of teams within the domestic structures set out by both F.I.F.A. and U.E.F.A., but also show how the English league can create a window in the season just after Christmas if necessary, which will also go a long way to addressing the 'burn-out' of players' scenario which is a major worry. For some unknown reason the P.F.A. have turned a blind-eye to this matter at present, however FIFPRo may consider looking into our proposals.

They also aim to get the football fraternity to openly discuss a simple but effective way to create the ultimate European Super League structure, and full details will be within a game which will be launched in the near future.

For more information and to see their brand new website visit https://­www.­worldsoc­cer­fo­ot­bal­lfe­dera­tion.­com/

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